Save Trees To Save Earth

Save Trees To Save Earth

Why its necessary to save trees !

Clean air: We need food almost 3 times a day, but we need air (oxygen) after every second.Only the Trees help cleanse the air by intercepting airborne particles, reducing heat, and absorbing pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and many more harmful gases.

Effective Sound Barriers : Trees are as effective as stone walls in stopping sound. They muffle urban noise almost as effectively as stone walls. Trees, planted at strategic points in a neighborhood or around your house, can mitigate major noises from crowded roads, railway stations and airports.
Trees Produce Oxygen : A mature leafy tree, in a few months, produces as much oxygen as that required by 10 people for one year.

Absorbing harmful gases : A Tree absorbs and locks away carbon dioxide, and other harmful gases which warm the environment. An urban forest is a carbon storage area that can lock up as much carbon.


Trees Shade and Cool : Shade from trees reduces the need for fan, coolers and air conditioning in summer. Studies have shown that parts of cities without cooling shade from trees can literally be “heated islands,” with temperatures as much as 4-6 degrees Celsius higher than surrounding areas. In winter, trees break the force of winter winds.
Trees Act as Windbreaks: trees break the force of the wind. This protects houses, farmland and vegetation.
Trees Fight Soil Erosion: Trees fight soil erosion, conserve rainwater, and reduce water runoff and sediment deposit after storms.
Trees help in lowering the dust levels and pollution levels in the cities.
Trees decrease respiratory problems; Children staying in areas and localites with trees have much less breathing problems that children staying in localities which have no trees.

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