Tips to reduce air pollution – Plant Trees

Tips to reduce air pollution – Plant Trees

All over world its becoming a major problem for all living beings. Air pollution is increasing day by bay. Most of us are not aware of this devil.

From Ghana to Argentina and London, air pollution is a problem that people want to do something about.

BBC started a very good initiative to aware people. #SoICanBreath is a very famous twitter handle. Million of twitter users twitted and re-twitted this hash tag. People want to really stop air pollution.

As part of the BBC’s So I Can Breathe series, a week of stories exploring some of the different ways the world is seeking to reduce air pollution, people have been sharing their tips on how to improve the air around them.
Most of the user’s answer is to “Stop cutting down TREES”.

Students at 50 London schools breathe air that exceeds legal pollution limits.
“Toxic air audits” have been announced by the mayor of London to combat the problem.
According to the US Forest Service, TREES typically reduce urban air pollution up to 1%, but even this can have significant health benefits for humans.

Public tips to reduce air pollution.

1. I want people to Stop Smoking in public spaces to cut down
2. I want to plant small TREES on top of buildings to reduce air pollution #SoICanBreath
3. Africa’s we need Solar power, I want to ban wood cooking, cook stoves to cut down air pollution #soICanBreath
4. We can stopped driving to school by car.
5. I want a better waste management system and public transport system to reduce #airPollution #soICanBreath