We are planting Trees on regular basis. In the summer season when we have raining season , its the best time to plant Trees, Because in this fast world we don’t have time to care for a Tree. So its the best idea to plant Trees in monsoon season.

Nature automatically take care of your planted Tree. I have started this website and also a page on facebook just to aware people that if we have not taken any step now, Then in near future not we , we all have to suffer for this.

There will not be fresh air to breath. Then multinational companies find another way to earn money. I think this logic is already implemented in China, Companies provide you fresh air in bottles. Means air from forests come to us in bottles for breating 🙂 This sound funny but it is happening and now it happen in future everywhere.

So its good to take step and at least one person should plant one tree in his/her life. Most of the problems will automatically be sorted out, like air pollution, decreasing raining level, diseases spread in polluted air etc.

So lets pledge that we will at least plant one TREE in our whole life 🙂