Little frog with the bottle top hat

Little frog with the bottle top hat

Here is an interesting story shared by one of our SaveTreesSaveEarth member.

Dean Viva-Lasvegas

I became a father for the first time in 2017 and was so excited to have a little son who I could love and nurture. Holding him in my arms for the first time I found myself reflecting on the kind of role model I wanted to be for him. I realised in that moment the important part that I would play in mentoring him through some of the challenges that lay ahead.

As the weeks passed, I found myself scribbling down notes, often in a sleep deprived state, of fun and quirky ways to teach him about some of the more challenging issues that he would face in his new world. But how do you communicate topics such as environmental sustainability with a child? After all, I didn’t want to overwhelm him! I just wanted him to have fun and learn something meaningful in the process.

I can’t remember the exact moment but, somewhere during the first six months of his life, I decided to write him a book. It just made sense! We read to our son every night so, if I wrote a book about children embracing the environment around them, then maybe he would understand that he could too. Maybe, through a fun and quirky story, I could help him realise that even the smallest of actions can have the greatest of outcomes on those around him. And this is how our little friend with the Bottle Top Hat came to be!

Now, initially, I was only ever going to publish one copy for my son as a keepsake, but The Little Frog with the Bottle Top Hat had greater plans 🙂 and I decided to publish the book and donate 20% of the profits to environmental and wildlife conservation efforts.

In my views its going to be a great book for children, it helps them to connect with environment in a friendly way. Author put his efforts on amazon, kindle etc. Here are links if you are interested and want a buy first copy of the book.

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